Asia and the Pacific
  • Japan’s economic rise
  • China in revolution
  • A divided Korea
  • Southeast Asia
  • The Pacific

Common Core Standards

Suggested Student Objectives

  • List the factors that have contributed to the economic success of Japan.
  • Explain how communism has affected the domestic and international affairs of China since the late 1940’s.
  • Describe how South Korea and North Korea have differed in their political and economic development.
  • Explain how nationalism, the Cold War, and the rise of a global economy have affected Southeast Asia.
  • Identify the challenges that have faced the countries of South Asia since independence.
  • List the factors that have helped Pacific nations develop prosperous economies and new national identities since World War II

Suggested Additional Readings

On Every Front: the making and unmaking of the Cold War (Paterson)
Krushchev Remembers, The Last Testament (Kruschev)
Animal Farm (Orwell)
Black Africa
Korea: the untold story of the war (Goulden)

Resource Links

BrainPop (login required) Videos:
  • Korean War: Tug of War for a Nation
  • Vietnam War: A Conflict that Divided a Nation
GALE Student Resources in Context (login required) Search: Tiananmen Square
The Tank Man from


  • Using the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature find articles about Japan’s energy programs, steel industry, and automobile industry write an article detailing these programs.
  • Analyze a picture of the Tiananmen Square Massacre and write a letter as if you were one of the students at the protest.
  • After researching both North and South Korea write an article that compares the government and culture of each country.
  • Read Vietnam: a history and write a short report summarizing the Vietnam conflict from a different point of view.
  • Write a paper examining the consequences of Great Britain’s withdrawl from India on the Hindu Muslim conflict.
  • Write a paper comparing the Pacific regions economic success including the methods used.


Unit 4 Quarterly Exam

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