Approaching the New Century

  • The Bush Presidency
  • The Clinton Presidency

Common Core Standards

Reading Standards for Literacy in History/ Social Studies Grades 11-12

  • Standards: 1, 2, 7, and 9

Writing Standards for Literacy in History/ Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects Grades 11-12

  • Standards: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 9

Suggested Student Objectives


  • Examine the domestic issues that arose during the presidencies of George Bush and Bill Clinton
  • Identify the forces and events leading to the end of the cold war and the dissolution of the Soviet Union
  • Analyze the role of the United States in the global economy
  • Evaluate presidential responses to foreign policy challenges in the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Haiti, the Middle East, Bosnia, Iraq, North
Korea and Russia


  • Choose and research one of the following countries: Somalia, North Korea, Bosnia, Russia or Haiti. Discuss the history of American relations with this country and analyze how our foreign policy has either hurt or benefited the nation. (R-7,9; W-2,4,6,7)
  • Read the New Buffalo? by Bill Clinton. Have students choose ten words or phrases they believe their peers would not be familiar with.
Classmates will define the terms then read the excerpt with a better understanding of the text. (R-2, W-9)
  • View the video and read the text of “Remarks to Parents and teachers at Emma E. Booker Elementary School (9/11/2001). Answer the following questions: What would your reaction be if you were in the audience that day? What question would you ask the President? Write a five minute speech for the President to give to those parents and students replacing the speech he gave that day. (R-1,2; W-1,9)

Resource Links

GALE U.S. History in Context (login required) Search:
  • George H.W. Bush
  • Bill Clinton
  • George Bush
Brain Pop (login required) Search: September 11th: America Under Attack

Suggested Additional Readings

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
“Letter from a Birmingham” Jail by Martin Luther King Jr.
Title IX
Ohio by David Cosby and Stephen Stills
Engle vs Vitale
Nixon vs The United States
The New Buffalo? By Bill Clinton
Video- Remarks by George Bush to Parents and Students at Emma E. Booker Elementary School (9/11/2001)


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