• African independence
  • Africa today
  • Africa’s challenges

Common Core Standards

Suggested Student Objectives

  • Describe how African nations won their independence after World War II
  • Explain what kinds of governments ruled Africa from the 1970s to the 1990s
  • Identify the challenges faced by modern African nations in their quest for political and economic independence

Suggested Additional Readings

On Every Front: the making and unmaking of the Cold War (Paterson)
Krushchev Remembers, The Last Testament (Kruschev)
Animal Farm (Orwell)
Black Africa
Korea: the untold story of the war (Goulden)

Resource Links

BrainPop (login required) Video: Apartheid: Segregation in South Africa
GALE Student Resources in Context (login required) Search: Nelson Mandela for reference, images, primary sources, etc.
Apartheid Laws


  • After reading the National Geographic article Africa and independence write a reaction paper detailing the similarities and differences of various African nations quest for independence.
  • After researching the policy of apartheid write a narrative article from the perspective of Nelson Mandela.
  • Read three poems from Langston Hughes’ poems of Black Africa and evaluate their impact on African nationalism.


Unit 4 Quarterly Exam

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