Decade of Change: The 1960’s
  • The Kennedy Years
  • Foreign Policy and Cold War Crises
  • Movement for Rights of Disabled Citizens
  • Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society
  • Continuation of the Civil Rights Movements
  • Women’s Demand for Equality
  • Rising Consciousness of Hispanic and Native Americans

Common Core Standards

Reading Standards for Literacy in History/ Social Studies Grades 11-12

  • Standards: 7

Writing Standards for Literacy in History/ Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects Grades 11-12

  • Standards: 2, 4, 5 and 6

Suggested Student Objectives


  • Understand the changes that occurred in the 1960’s in American society and politics
  • Compare the leadership of two presidents of the 1960’s, Kennedy and Johnson
  • Note the achievements of African Americans in their movement for civil Rights
  • Describe other movements for social justice by persons with disabilities,women, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans
  • Analyze landmark cases of the Supreme Court that redefined civil rights


  • Choose any three decisions from the Warren Court and explain their influence on the decade of the 1960’s and beyond. (W-2,4,5)
  • Use the internet to research Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Jackie Robinson, Huey Long, and Medgar Evers. Write an essay explaining how their ideas shaped the modern civil rights movement. (R-7; W-2,4,6,)
  • Read Title IX. Write an essay explaining its impact on American society and it’s influence on you as an individual. (W-4)
  • Assign each student a court case from the following list: Mapp vs Ohio, Miranda vs Arizona, Gideon vs Wainwright, Brown vs Board of Ed or Tinker vs DesMoines. Discuss the facts of the case, identify a specific Constitutional liberty issue addressed by the Supreme Court and discuss how the decision either expanded or limited a specific constitutional civil liberty in the US. (W-2)

Resource Links

GALE U.S. History in Context (login required) Search:
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Marting Luther King, Jr.
  • Malcolm X
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Huey Long
  • Medgar Evers
  • Women's Rights Movement
  • Civil Rights Movement

Suggested Additional Readings

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
“Letter from a Birmingham” Jail by Martin Luther King Jr.
Title IX
Ohio by David Cosby and Stephen Stills
Engle vs Vitale
Nixon vs The United States
The New Buffalo? By Bill Clinton
Video- Remarks by George Bush to Parents and Students at Emma E. Booker Elementary School (9/11/2001)


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